Monday, December 8, 2008


well, our christmas tree is up! i put it up on tuesday and told maggie that we were not doing to decorate it at that time because i want billy to get used to it first, and you know billy, he can keep his hands off anything!!! so i told her we would decorate it wednesday. she was so excited! so wednesday shows up and i feel horrible, my throat is killing me, my head is pounding and did i say my throat was killing me?? i really didn't feel like decorating it plus it would give billy a few more times to grasp the concept of no! anyway thursday night we decorated it and the kids had a blast!
oh, and joe was in charge of taking the pictures while i was helping the kids and these are the only two pictures he took! guys......

and just in case you were wondering billy has done real well with the tree. the only time he messes with it is when little miss maggie is messing with it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

kandy kisses boutique

i just recently came across a great website, kandy kisses boutique! laurie, the lady behind kandy kisses boutique is a very talented seamstress! she makes the cutest little girl clothes! she uses all different types of fabrics in all different patterns, textures and colors that make each item she makes a truly one of a kind piece.
when i was there today checking out her site i noticed she is having a HUGE giveaway! starting november 28 th, black friday, she is doing a free giveaway an hour, every hour, starting at 7.00 am! go to her website and check out all of the amazing stuff she is giving away and you might just want to go ahead and start christmas shopping while you are there for one of the little ones on your christmas list!

Monday, November 10, 2008

follow me to a blog giveaway!

i found this wonderful blog called our front porch. she makes beautiful jewelry! when i was there today i found out that in honor of her 100th post she is giving away $100 in free hand stamped jewelry from her etsy shop.( )
wow! i know! her stuff is beautiful. so i thought i would share it with all of my friends. go check out her blog and follow the directions and try to win and even if you don't win...... you could get a head start on your christmas lists!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

fall festival

our church has a fall festival on halloween night so we decided we would take the kids up there. this is the 2nd year they have had one and we always have a good time.
maggie didn't dress up this year, which i am kinda happy about because none of the costumes i looked at were under $30. are you kidding me? for a costume? anyway, one day i went to wallmart, by myself thanks to my hubby. i was looking for a shirt for billy to wear because i knew he wouldn't keep any type of costume on. he won't even keep a baseball cap on and i love little boys in baseball caps. back to the story, so i found him a pumpkin shirt that would be perfect and i knew if i brought him home a halloween shirt and not one for maggie she would be upset so i looked around through all of the scary shirts ( i don't do scary halloween ) and i found this cute shirt with matching pants. for 4.88 each. you can't beat that. ( i don't think you can see what it says in the picture. it says, happy boo to you! ) perfect she would love it! so when i got home and i gave it to her, she was so excited and she tried it on right away and said "this is just too cute not to wear for halloween! mom, this is what i want to wear for the fall festival. can i?" $10 vs $30, you bet you can!
next year i am going to try, since billy will be older and more cooperative, making them one to wear. i will be able do do something that is so much better that the ones you buy in the store. so, you know what that means, nanny and bam-maw.......
here are a couple of pictures i took of the kids.

mag's and billy in their so called halloween "get-up"

the kids with their pumpkins and already eating candy.

and this is my sweet ole mag's. out of all the fun things she could choose to do at the fall festival, this is where she endedup, at the coloring table. she is my "squarly" one. i really think all the costumes bothered her. her was real clingy and didn't want to pay a single game. not even to get candy! so, she colored and hade fun doing it and i guess that is all that matters. oh, i did talk her into walking the cake walk with me, which she won! i am really happy about that because since she didn't play any games she didn't get any candy. so at least she didn't go home empty handed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pumpkin patch

i have taken maggie and billy to 2 different pumpkin patches this year. nothing says fall like pumpkins! i took tons of pictures. here are some of my favorites. oh, my mom and i will be taking the kids to one more this saturday. so more pumpkins pictures to come....

i've been tagged

my friend amy tagged me and i have to post the 6th picture from the 6th file in my photos. so here it is....

this pictures is of maggie and we were at a blockhouse creek park in cedar park. we were trying to get pictures for something, i can't remember what for though. i am thinking she is about the age billy is now.
so i tag lauren and april. i can't wait to see y'alls pictures!

Friday, October 10, 2008

too close for comfort

you know when you hear sirens and you say a quick prayer thanking the Lord that you and your family is safe? normally the sirens fade in the distance and you go back to what you were doing. right? well, not this time. the sirens kept coming and coming and where getting louder and louder. we opened the front door, no we weren't being nosey, we were going out to eat chinese food for dinner ( joe was craving it and who am i to argue, no cooking? that's fine with me, chinese it is ) and we noticed that the sirens were a lot closer than we thought! then we noticed the smell in the air. something was burning! our house backs up to an elementary school and to the right of the school is a field that follows the length of our subdivision. our street is the last street in the subdivision and that field, it was on FIRE! the fire was about 8 houses away from ours! so of course i had to snap some pictures!
i am standing in my driveway looking at the firetruck spraying water from atop the ladder.

here is one a little closer. i don't know if you have noticed that you don't see any of the kids in these. maggie was so scared that she wouldn't even walk past the cars parked in the driveway. and billy? well we were having to hold him back from running down the street toward the fire and the firetrucks! he loved all the action and wanted to be apart of it. mag's, she could do without it!

the tin roof you see in the distance is the school which is right behind our house. like i said, a little too close for comfort! thank you Lord for your protection.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

bikes, trikes and road kill

tonight we thought we would take mag's and billy out side to ride their bikes. this is the first time we have let billy ride his trike out in the front with maggie. well, his trike is actually maggie's old tricycle from when she was his age. he loves it, even though it is pick and purple. i guess we know what he will be getting from santa this year. anyway, mag's was doing her usual, she keeps to the rules of her riding. she is allowed to ride on the sidewalk only and she can go back and forth between the two neighbors on either side of us. she loves to go as fast as she can and then turn real fast around in their driveways. she was making her way in front of our house when all of a sudden one of her training wheels flew off and of course she flew off the bike along with it. no tears though. so her daddy and i talked her into taking the training wheels off her bike to she if she could try to ride without them.
we spent a good hour with her and she wasn't seeming to catch on.billy would just follow right along with her.

oh, he also loved wearing her princess helmet.

so on maggie's last of many falls she was sitting there on the ground with her bike wrapped around her legs, almost defeated, i saw joe's eyes get so big and he nodded his head toward maggie. as i looked down i saw what he was looking at. maggie was still sitting on the ground with her arms propping her up and under her right hand was a dead, smashed flat as a pancake, frog!! yes, you don't need to reread that, i said FROG!!! we both started laughing and mag's was just looking at us. not even moving. then joe told her to look under her hand. she did and then throw the bike off of her and started to scream, disgusting!! gross!! i have not seen that girl move that fast ever!! next thing we know, here comes billy on his trike to see what was going on. he walked up to the frog and bent over to get a closer look and i mean without hesitation, he picked up that frog and put it under his seat of his bike on rode off!! i don't think i have laughed so hard in a long time!

here's the proof!!
gotta love those boys!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

crazy life

life really has felt crazy this past week or so. i am not sure if anything is different or not, just seems a little crazier than normal.
maggie's school year is off to a great start. she really like her teacher and new friends in her class. i love the conversations that we have on our way home from school. she tells me about her day, trying not to forget anything. she really likes school.
this week has been better for billy. not as clingy as last week. i really think he was missing maggie terribly last week! today he went out in the back by himself and played which last week he wouldn't do because his sister wasn't there. so sweet!
we also had family and friends in from ike. my cousin, gretchen and her four kids stayed at my grandmothers for 1 week. they finally got their electricity back on saturday morning. maggie and billy loved having them here, new playmates!! we will miss them but i am glad that they were able to get back home. they didn't have any substantial damage to there home, praise God, but the kids school did, so they said that it would be a month or so till the kids would start back up.
here are a couple of new pictures i have taken of the kids in the past week or so. i hope y'all

maggie and billy paying ( I'm not sure what ) in the back yard.

note - billy has on an inflatable swim vest.....

my mag's

billy eating his first corn on the cob! no, not his first taste of corn, just actually on the cob!
he loved it! i would try and turn the cob around so he could eat more and he would get mad a me thinking i was going to take it away from him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new friends

mag's first day of preschool kicked off on monday. she woke up in a good mood but very nervous. she said she was too nervous to eat breakfast and have her morning ritual, strawberry milk.

when we got to school, she gave me a big hug and kiss and with no crying she walked right in. i was so proud of her. she was so brave!
when i picked her up she said she had a good day and that she liked her teachers, ms. kendall and ms. mary. it's like pulling teeth sometimes to get out of her what she did at school and today was no exception. so i decided to ask her what her most favorite part of the day was and she told me it was making new friends!
my sweet little girl is growing up.

this is what maggie made at school. hand prints, of her and anika, one of her new friends.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

ladybug pillow

maggie has a new special pillow her nanny made her to take to her school for rest time. maggie picked out the fabric all by herself. if you can't tell from the picture, it is little ladybugs and hearts. she is so proud, if you can't tell! thanks mom for making this for her. she loves it!
maggie starts school tomorrow so i be posting pictures soon!

keeping a straight face

i had to share this.

maggie and billy were in his room earlier today and they seemed to be playing well together. then i hear this SLAP! you know, one of those sounds you know exactly what it is when you hear it; a hand hitting a bare back. billy's bare back. ( try to say that 10 times real fast ). strangely enough i didn't hear any crying. not a moment later billy comes walking down the hall and i noticed, of course, a red hand print on his back. maggie is not 5 steps behind him, not knowing that i am on to her. i asked her if she slapped billy. she gave me that look that she gets when she is deciding if she should tell the truth or tell a fib. like she was thinking it over. she walked up to me and said " i didn't see anything". ok, i'm thinking to myself, what? maybe she didn't understand the question so i repeated myself. "maggie, did you slap your brother on the back. look, right here. there is a hand print on his back." she then proceeded to tell me, " i didn't see me so anything!" what? i said again to her. as serious as she could be she says, "mom, i didn't see my hand hit him on his back! really, i didn't!"

are you kidding me? where does she get these things. i then had the lie/fib vs telling the truth conversation and she fessed up to the crime and told me she was very sorry.

could you have kept a straight face? it's hard, really hard sometimes!

ok, could you have

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

happy birthday mom mom

this past friday night we went to a birthday party for maggie and billy's great grandmother and boy did we have fun! the kids are blessed to have 2 great~great grandmothers, 3 great grandmothers 2 grandmas and 1 step~grandma. so whenever we can get together to celebrate a birthday for one of them it is a special occasion.

this is mom mom ( joes grandma) maggie and her 2 dogs, bo and jangles.

happy birthday mom mom! we love you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

maggie's first sleepover!

on friday, maggie went to her first sleepover at her friend makena's house. they asked her at the begining of the week if she wanted to come and spend the night and she said that she wasn't sure. she later told me that she was a little nervous. she said " what if i wake up in the middle of the night ?" i told her that if she did, makena and her mom would be there. she said, " i think i just want to go play over there with her. " i told her that that was fine she could spend the night when she was ready.
about two days later she had climbed in bed with me after her daddy had left for work and whispered to me, " mom, i think i am ready to spend the night at makena's ." i asked her if she wanted me to call and tell them and she said yes!
so, that brings us to these precious pictures. i know i am silly for taking these pictures but she was so excited and really, so was i. she has grown so much this past year. for the ones who know maggie, you know what i mean and for those of you who are not that familiar with her, she is very shy and it takes her awhile to warm up to people. so really, this is a huge thing for her. she is really coming out of her shell and trying and exploring new things and is not nearly afraid of the "not known things" like she used to be. God has answered prayers and we are so blessed by her.
enough of my rambling. here are the pictures i took!

makena and maggie

makena mom bought each of them a special sleepover surprise bag. in each of the bags it had a coloring book, construction paper, gel pens, markers, crayons, glitter fingernail polish, lip gloss, note pad and the cutest thing of all, matching pajama's!!! oh my gosh, they LOVED to matching pajama's!

maggie and makena with their matching hoot owl pj's

they had so much fun. thank you wendy for making this so special of them. they are the best of friends and i know maggie will remember this forever, so will i.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my blog makeover!

i wanted to say a big THANK YOU to kelly, aka ~ fabulous k, for my new look! isn't it beautiful? fabulous k is very talented and she is just wonderful at all that she does. i love her blog. you should all go over and check it out. she talks about anything that has to do with design, fashion or as she says " anything fabulous " i just love it! also she has a sweet little dog named olive that is just precious that she posts pictures of and every so often. when she is feeling creative, she puts on a "fairy blog makeover" contest, where she picks random peoples names and gives them a blog makeover! how lucky was i? so i just wanted to share her with you all. go check out her blog and be inspired!

Monday, August 11, 2008

a father's love

this story really touched my heart and i wanted to share it with all of you. after i read this and watched the video, the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me if this was how i would act if i stood in this fathers shoes. would i sit in self pity over my circumstances or would i ........ "do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

A son asked his father, 'Dad, will you take part in a marathon
with me?'. The father who, despite having a heart condition, says 'Yes'.
They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on
to join other marathons, the father always saying 'Yes' to his
son's request of going through the race together. One day, the son asked his
father, 'Dad, let's join the Ironman together.' To which, his father
said 'Yes' too.

For those who don't know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever.
The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86
kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike
ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the
coast of theBig Island . Father and son went on to complete the race
together. This is their race…

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy birthday nanny!

maggie helped make her very first birthday cake today for her grandmother. strawberry cake, with strawberry icing and strawberries on top. i know, that's a lot of strawberries but that's what maggie wanted to make for her nanny, so that's what we did. hope you like strawberries mom! she was so proud and couldn't wait to eat the left over strawberries with the leftover icing. she poured all the ingredients into the mixer and turned the mixer on. she then helped ice the cake but got distracted by the overwhelming temptation to eat the icing. who was i to say no. it was a special occasion, right? she took so much pride in laying the strawberries on the top of the cake so they made a circle along the edge of the cake. she also made nanny a birthday card and painted a rock for her to go on her desk at work, though she was afraid that if nanny took the rock to work someone might take it off her desk. don't know why she is worried about that.
nanny, we hope you day had a blessed day !
thanks for being a great mom and nanny, or as mag's would say nan!

Monday, August 4, 2008

got strawberry milk?

billy loves him some strawberry milk to get his day going! so does maggie but she isn't nearly as messy!

captain dann

my cousin told me of a friend of theirs in California that has head trauma very similar to joe's. he was in a car accident 1 year ago today. here is their website . please pray for this family. love you all!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gods fingerprint

this past weekend we drove to north east texas for the annual cox family reunion. this year we had it at dangerfield state park. wow! this place was just beautiful! you could see Gods fingerprints everywhere! pine trees! i wish you could have seen the pine trees. it was almost like they were reaching up to the sky, like they couldnt get high enough! they were so tall. they made a canopy over the roads throughout the park. breathtaking. being from central tx, you dont see trees like that here.wouldn't you know i forgot my camera. my mom had hers so i will get the pics from her and then post them soon.

here are some highlights from the weekend.

  • i saw a cousin and his wife and 3 kids from california that i havent seen in 11 yrs. great to see them and hear what is going on in their lives.

  • all other family that i havent seen since last years reunion.

  • played the card game skip-bo that i havent played in years.

  • watching everyone play football while the little kids cheered them on.

  • got to love on all my cousins kids. its so neat to see them all and to know that right now they are making the memories like the ones that i hold so close to my heart of being with my cousins.

  • going on a paddle boat ride to the middle of the lake with my mom and sister and wondering how and who was going to paddle us back. ( that hard work! )

  • watching maggie play with all her cousins and just loving every minute of it!

not so good highlights from the weekend

  • my sister loosing her glasses in the middle of the lake as she jumped off the platform

  • 6 hr long car ride home but it was worth it.

  • 100 degree heat (thank the Lord for the lake)

  • tim, my cousin jennifer husband, hurt his foot playing football. still waiting to hear what the doctor has said now that he is home.

  • maggie not feeling well for most of the weekend. she had some type of virus.

  • my cousin ric being sick and not being able to join us from tn. hope you are feeling better!

thank you Lord for my family and i also want to thank you for allowing us all to be there together in your beautiful creation. Lord i ask you to bless each and everyone of them!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

our little trooper

i walked into the living room this evening and i found maggie reading to her brother out of her new highlights high 5 magazine. how sweet! i think she was feeling a little sorry for him actually. i don't know if you can tell in the picture or not but take a close look at billy's chin. yes, we had our first er visit last night. one of many i suppose.

for those of you who don't know, a couple of months ago we pulled up all of our carpet in our house ( except for the bedrooms ) and had the concrete scored and stained. we love it! we figured that since billy walked at 9 1/2 months that he was well past the falling down all the time stage. well, by accident. we didn't figure he would do it for for fun. when billy tries something and if he gets a good laugh, you can hang it up, he will continue to do it until whoever is laughing at him is laughing so hard that they are either crying or we have to tell him to stop so he wont hurt himself. this kid has no fear! back to what happened. he and maggie were playing and he thought it would be fun to run and jump/slide on the floor on his knees. not a real good idea. he did it and maggie just laughed and that was the end of it. she laughed so he did it again. she laughed even harder and he jumped/slid once more but this time i'm not sure how it exactly happened but he fell forward and smacked his sweet chin on our nice hard cement floor. ouch!! luckily the er doctor was able to use "dermabond". as he was putting the "glue" on billys chin, he told us that it really was just superglue and that you can now but it in the store where you find the bandaids ( not that i suggest that you parents out there do this instead of taking your children to the er if they bust open their chin ) but we were glad that were able to do that instead of doing stitches. he said that would be really traumatic for a child his age strapping him down to give the injection and to stitch it up. billy did great and was a little trooper!

only instructions they gave us was to keep the area dry for 48 hours. how do you keep a drooling ( he is cutting 4 teeth as we speak ), dirty, everything he eats is all over his face, 19 month olds chin dry?