Monday, November 24, 2008

kandy kisses boutique

i just recently came across a great website, kandy kisses boutique! laurie, the lady behind kandy kisses boutique is a very talented seamstress! she makes the cutest little girl clothes! she uses all different types of fabrics in all different patterns, textures and colors that make each item she makes a truly one of a kind piece.
when i was there today checking out her site i noticed she is having a HUGE giveaway! starting november 28 th, black friday, she is doing a free giveaway an hour, every hour, starting at 7.00 am! go to her website and check out all of the amazing stuff she is giving away and you might just want to go ahead and start christmas shopping while you are there for one of the little ones on your christmas list!

Monday, November 10, 2008

follow me to a blog giveaway!

i found this wonderful blog called our front porch. she makes beautiful jewelry! when i was there today i found out that in honor of her 100th post she is giving away $100 in free hand stamped jewelry from her etsy shop.( )
wow! i know! her stuff is beautiful. so i thought i would share it with all of my friends. go check out her blog and follow the directions and try to win and even if you don't win...... you could get a head start on your christmas lists!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

fall festival

our church has a fall festival on halloween night so we decided we would take the kids up there. this is the 2nd year they have had one and we always have a good time.
maggie didn't dress up this year, which i am kinda happy about because none of the costumes i looked at were under $30. are you kidding me? for a costume? anyway, one day i went to wallmart, by myself thanks to my hubby. i was looking for a shirt for billy to wear because i knew he wouldn't keep any type of costume on. he won't even keep a baseball cap on and i love little boys in baseball caps. back to the story, so i found him a pumpkin shirt that would be perfect and i knew if i brought him home a halloween shirt and not one for maggie she would be upset so i looked around through all of the scary shirts ( i don't do scary halloween ) and i found this cute shirt with matching pants. for 4.88 each. you can't beat that. ( i don't think you can see what it says in the picture. it says, happy boo to you! ) perfect she would love it! so when i got home and i gave it to her, she was so excited and she tried it on right away and said "this is just too cute not to wear for halloween! mom, this is what i want to wear for the fall festival. can i?" $10 vs $30, you bet you can!
next year i am going to try, since billy will be older and more cooperative, making them one to wear. i will be able do do something that is so much better that the ones you buy in the store. so, you know what that means, nanny and bam-maw.......
here are a couple of pictures i took of the kids.

mag's and billy in their so called halloween "get-up"

the kids with their pumpkins and already eating candy.

and this is my sweet ole mag's. out of all the fun things she could choose to do at the fall festival, this is where she endedup, at the coloring table. she is my "squarly" one. i really think all the costumes bothered her. her was real clingy and didn't want to pay a single game. not even to get candy! so, she colored and hade fun doing it and i guess that is all that matters. oh, i did talk her into walking the cake walk with me, which she won! i am really happy about that because since she didn't play any games she didn't get any candy. so at least she didn't go home empty handed.