Monday, March 23, 2009

project 365 ~ oops

i forgot tuesday!!!!

tuesday, march 17th

billy had his first taste of dark chocolate and he loved it! well, as you can see.

project 365 ~ week 12

sunday, march 15th

i know this is weird but i LOVE this plastic wrap. the reason why is that i HATE the wrap that doesn't stick to anything or even itself!! very frustrating. this plastic wrap has it's own cutter. so all you have to do is pull it about and then slide the cutter over and there you have it! love it!! i have been using it alot lately. since i am doing weight watchers i have been making these great little 'not so' ice cream sandwiches that are to die for. you get the low fat graham crackers, honey or chocolate. break the sheet in half. mix a couple of drops of peppermint/mint extract in a reg. size tub of fat free cool whip. then you put 2 tbs of cool whip mixture on 1 half of the cracker. then put the other half of the cracker on the top. ok, this is where the plastic wrap comes into play. wrap it sip safe, because it is the best, plastic wrap and freeze. one tub makes about 15-16 sandwiches. and to top it all off, they are just 1 point a piece! yes, you read that right. just 1 point!!

monday, march 16th

maggie took this picture of her paw paw. they come over and had dinner with us. we grilled hot dogs and they were wonderful! there is nothing like a grilled dog!

wendsday, march 18th

when i went in to get maggie dressed for bed this is what i found on her wall. when i asked her what it was and how it got there this is what she told me.

me ~ maggie, what is this on your wall?

maggie ~ i drew on it.

me ~ yes, i can see that but why? you know you are not allowed to draw on anything but paper,

maggie ~ yes but i was playing doctor and i wanted to see how tall i was. see... ( she then walked
over and pit her back up to the wall and her hand on top of her head to mark how tall
she was ) though she made herself about 2 inches taller than she really is.

thanks to whoever invented washable markers and mr clean magic erasers!!

thursday, march 19th

billy found my box of 'stuff' that i have always kept on the back of the toilet since the day he was born. he decided to help himself this morning. i had a good laugh...

friday, march 20th

my family loves asparagus! as you can see from this picture. i have to cook 2 bunches at one time to feed all of us! i put them in to a pan and drizzle a little olive oil on them. then i sprinkle sea salt on them and put them into a 400 degree oven for about 15 mins. they are scrumptious! and very weight watcher friendly!

saturday, march 21 st
my sister came and stayed with us this past weekend and we love to play scrabble. we played every night and had a blast.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

project 365 ~ week 11

better late than never! that is my new motto, when it comes to project 365....

sunday, march 8th

billy eating a popsicle after dinner.

monday, march 10th

meet our newest addition to our family. this is lucy lou lou. maggie was so happy that she got to name her. isn't she cute?

tuesday, march 11th

every tuesday we get together with some other moms friends of mine. we usually go to the park or mcdonald's to let the kids play. they love it and so do we! maggie was having fun on the rocking horse.

wednesday, march 12th

it rained at my house!!! yeah! i don't think i t has rained at my house in 8 months! woo hoo! little did i know at this time that it would rain for 4 days! praise the Lord! we got almost 3 inches.

thursday, march 13th

this is my new best friend. for about 3 wks mow i have been on a diet and i must say i am doing really well. so i thought i would show you my scale. i weigh myself every morning. as of today, i have lost 7.4 lbs. keep praying for me!

friday, march 13th
this is a salad i made to have with our dinner. i am getting used to eating LOTS of salads. i try to have one with every meal. not only is it good for you, it is a great filler! so, here's to salads!

saturday, march 14th
today i helped throw a baby shower for my friend amber. she is having a little boy in april. this is the table at her shower with all the goodies on it. isn't the cake precious?

Monday, March 9, 2009

project 365 ~ week 10

i didn't do too well in my picture taking this week. i missed two days.... oops!!

sunday, march 1st

maggie is the "star of the week" this week at school. this is the poster she made that will be hanging in her class. she was so excited. i can't wait till she comes home today so she can tell me how she did on her presentation.

monday, march 2nd

this is billy when i had to wake him up from his nap to go and pick up maggie from school. he must of had his head pressed up against the crib slats. it was red for about 20 mins. poor thing, he was not happy with me taking his picture.

tuesday, march 3rd

well i sure looks like spring around my house. sorry for the blurriness of this picture. i don't have a really good camera for close ups or i don't know how to get close ups on my camera. this is our tree in the front yard and it is in full bloom and is just beautiful!

wednesday, march 4th

billy very busy "working" on this tricycle...

thursday, march 5th


friday, march 6th

this is very funny to us! billy will NOT let us brush his teeth! he hates it. so i literally i have to sit on him, just like he is sitting on maggie, so i can brush his teeth. this day he thought he was going to brush her teeth. i guess this is what he thinks everyone does when they get their teeth brushed.

saturday, march 6th

no picture!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

me via flickr

I found this on a blog that i have been reading lately, polka dots & pansies.
what a neat idea so i thought i would try it.
very cool!!

Here's how it works....

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search

b. Using only the first page, pick an image.

c. Select the size of boxes as 3 by 4. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker

here is mine ~

1. Corpus Christi Bay, 2. Best French Fries Ever, 3. The Round Rock, 4. green sea of chairs, 5. Patrick Dempsey in Dolce e Cabbana, 6. sweet tea , 7. KELLS PRIORY. KILKENNY, IRELAND., 8. key Lime Pie Cuppie, 9. { She's Happy ,,, 10. Snowmen family in TX, 11. Loyal, 12. Allens Boots Austin Texas Cowboy Boots

Use these questions in each URL box!!!
1. What is your first name? christi
2. What is your favorite food? french fries.
3. What high school did you go to? round rock
4. What is your favorite color? green
5. Who is your celebrity crush? patrick dempsey
6. Favorite drink? sweet tea
7. Dream vacation? ireland
8. Favorite dessert? key lime pie
9. What you want to be when you grow up? happy
10. What do you love most in life? family
11. One Word to describe you. loyal
12. Where do you live? texas

How cool is that!!!

if you try it let me know. i would love to come see what the mosaic of you looks like!!

have fun!

cute favors

my friend wendy and i are hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks and we wanted to do favors to hand out as the guests leave the shower. so here they are!! they turned out SO CUTE!!

we bought scrapbook paper and punched out different sized circles and layered them and added these precious animal stickers. we then hot glued the circles to a peppermint patty, one with the sticker on the front and a plain one on the back.

don't they look so cute all piled up in the crystal bowl?

great for a new little boy!

congratulations amber!

Monday, March 2, 2009

project 365 ~ week 9

sunday, feb 22nd

bath time!! who doesn't love a great bath picture and this one is perfect!! love those smiles. this is a rare occasion in my house. no, not baths. both of them in the same bath tub at the same time! usually joe and i bathe both of them at the same time in different tubs because as you can see if you look closely to the picture, see..... right there... the waves..... it makes for a really BIG mess. i know, i'm mean but i do not like sopping up water after their baths. so, once a week or more like once every two weeks, they get to bathe together and they LOVE it!

monday, feb 23rd

sorry about this picture. not sure what happened but as you can tell it is very dark. we went to eat at the new dickeys bbq in cedar park. they give you free ice cream that you can enjoy after dinner. this is little bill enjoying his.

tuesday, feb 24th
this was a great day! the weather was perfect. as you can see both kids are in shorts. we LOVE warm weather and we are all tired of the cold. the kids were outside in the back yard playing with the sidewalk chalk on the picnic table. they had a blast little did we know though, that in just 2 short days it would be FREEZING again!!

wensday, feb 25th

i love picking up maggie from school each day. as soon as we get home i check her folder to see what she has done for the day/week. last week X was their letter of the week and this is what i found in her take home folder. is this no the cutest idea ever!!!! gotta love those teachers!! thanks ms kendall and ms mary.

thursday, feb 26th

there are those smile again! maggie is giving billy a piggy back ride as best as she can. they did this forever and laughed the whole time!

friday, feb 27th

billy has started telling me that he needs to "poop". now ask me if he goes when we put him on the potty? nope!!! then 20 mins later he leaves us a little surprise in his diaper. so i am thinking that he is kinda getting the concept. so we went and bought him his own little potty. he walked around forever saying "poop, poop, poop".

saturday, feb 28th

these are billys favorite shoes. they are called polliwalks. i actually won these in a giveaway and billy has fell in love with them. they are alligators!!!! go check them out! very cute shoes.