Sunday, January 25, 2009

project 365 ~ jan 19-25

monday, jan 19th

this is billy on monday morning while maggie was at school. i was able to grab a picture of him while he was not looking. he was riding maggie's old tricycle while wearing his very first hard hat that paw paw gave him. it is hard to see in this picture, but paw paw did something extra special for billy. he put a gallagher steel fabrication sticker on it so he could be just like the guys at work!

tuesday, jan 20th

i don't know what is going on around here but it has been windy! not just windy but like crazy windy. this is the windchime that i received for mothers day about 3 years ago. i love them! it is kinda hard to tell in this picture but they are huge and they have the prettiest "chime" to them. it is so low and deep and i love them! ( lauren i giggle thinking of you as i write this) anyway, i had to tie them up right after i took this picture because i didn't want the neighbors to come over and ring my neck.

wensday, jan 21st

ok, i am going to be honest here. i missed a day. so this picture was taken by a friend on mine, karen, who also is taking part in project 365. she, or now that i think about it, it might have been her husband, took this picture of maggie and billy at their grandson adler's 1st birthday party last week. i just thought is was a great picture of maggie.

thursday, jan 22nd

billy enjoying an old paper he got his hands on. too cute i must say!

friday, jan 23rd

this is the new wall hanging in my living room above our couch. it is from uppercase living. this stuff is so neat! are you ready for this? it is stickers that you place on walls, boards ( like i did ) or any other thing that you can think of! so COOL! the great thing about these stickers is that if you get tired of something, lets say that you put something directly on the wall, it peels right off. just like that! they have tons of scriptures, quotes and other cute stuff that you can put anywhere. if you haven't heard of this you really need to go check them out!

saturday, jan 24th
of of my dear friends gave me this amish friendship bread starter. have you heard of these? this one is a sweet bread and what you do is basically just mush the bag around for a couple of days and then feed it and mush it around some more. on the 10th day you can use this along with other ingredients and make bread. the really cool thing is that there is some of the starter that you save and pace it around to your friends along with the recipe. i guess that is where the friendship part comes in. i made my bread on sat while i was at my grandmothers house and she fell in love with it so i couldn't just take the bread when i left! so i left her both the loaves and i will make myself some, i guess in 9 more days.

sunday, jan 25th

this is a balloon that has been floating in my house since billy's birthday, which was jan 2nd. yes folks, that is my ceiling and no, that isn't the peace sign. it saying i'm 2!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

monogramchick giveaway!

i think these are the cutest travel mugs and over at the monogram chick they are giving one away! head on over to and check out all of their cute stuff and while you are there you can enter to win their newest travel mug! the aqua polka preppy! make sure to tell them that christi from the gallagher gang sent you! good luck ladies!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

project 365 ~ jan.15-18

ok, i thought i would be really good and post a picture a day. who was i kidding? so i am going with the weekly post of pictures. yes, that's more my pace.

thursday, jan. 15th

the ladies group at our church just started its bible study on thursday mornings and i am so excited! it is beth moore study esther ~ its tough being a woman.

friday, jan. 16th

this is my sweet billy brushing his teeth, which he loves to do. when i took him to the doctor for his 2 yr check up she said that i needed to get him to the dentist ASAP because of him sucking his thumb and it is messing up his teeth. are you kidding me? look at that smile! i will worry about his thumb sucking when he is a little older. he is just 2....

saturday, jan. 17th

happy birthday adler! my dear friends sweet baby boy, adler turned one and we went to his first birthday party. we had such a great time and he was just adorable! his party was a safari theme and these are little hand puppets that she made and handed out with a cute goodie bag to all the little ones! too cute!

sunday, jan. 18

this is maggie standing at her easel that she got from her paw paw and bammaw for christmas. she loves it and spend hours in there coloring, drawing and her favorite, drawing with the chalk!
note her shoes.....some of mommy's old shoes that she loves to wear around the house

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 14

ok ~ here goes project 364!
minus the first 13 days of jan.
like i said before, better late than never!
i have heard so much about this book. i haven't started it yet. i would love to hear from ya'll if ya'll have read it and to hear what ya'll think. so far i have only heard great things!

catching up

here are some pictures that i have taken but havent posted because of the "computer crash". hope you all enjoy!

this first one is of a nativity set that my mom gave me for christmas year or so ago. i love it and the reason i love it so much is that it is made of wood so maggie and billy can play with it and i don't have to worry about it getting broken. and of course it is just so cute! the best part of it is watching the kids play with it, well actually watching maggie play with it. billy is still at the "lets throw everything" stage and i really wasn't comfortable with him throwing baby Jesus around my living room, breakable or not.

one morning i noticed this is how maggie set up the nativity. it gave me a good laugh.

this was another time i noticed that she had changed it up. by far my favorite. and for those of you who know my hubby joe and his one liners.... can you guess what he said when i showed him this???

" i wonder why they turned their back on baby Jesus "
gotta love those one liners. he was proud of himself!

this one is of maggie and her great great grandmother, aka ~ great mom mom, and her great grandmother, aka ~ mom mom, at billys birthday party. great mom mom will be 101 in feb!

this is maggie at her christmas program at school. she was so happy that she got to be a cow in the nativity!

isn't she precious? that's my maggie moo!! we had fun with that one!

and this is my birthday boy! he turned 2 on jan. 2nd!

this was at his party. he is sitting in his tonka truck that my brother joey and his wife tiffany got him. he loves it! thanks guys!

he loved his balloons. he had them for a whole week!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hello out there!

hello old friends! i know it has been a while since my last post, over a month ago!! it has been a crazy month here for us between the holidays and my grandmothers husband being sick and in and out of the nursing home and then passing away a week ago, a memorial service, the computer crashing and it taking about 3 days to get it running again with great help from a dell representative, thanks olen! anyway, the computer is up and running again but i haven't re~installed my Kodak software. i hope i can find that little disk!! i have such great pictures to share from christmas and billys birthday. he turned 2 on january 2nd. i can't believe it. he is getting to be such a big little boy!

also, i have noticed some of my blogger friends are participating in project 365. have you heard of it? it is where you take one photo each day and post it on your blog. it really sounds like fun and i really want to do it. so, i now must find my cd so i can start what, 2 wks late? you think that ok? i say better late than never!

let me know if you join me in this venture! i would love to look at your photos also!