Saturday, May 31, 2008

don't laugh too hard

ok - please don't laugh, but i have started working out at the gym. today was my first day. when i got there, cory, a trainer, greeted me with a smile and asked if i was ready. ready? if he only knew. if only he knew how i hate to be hot, how i hate to sweat, how i hate to be hot and sweaty! sure i said, lets go! after 25 minutes of cardio which i didn't even think i would make it through the first 10 min, he walked me through the weight machines i will be using and showed me how each work and why i will be using them. not too bad i thought. not too bad at all, till he announced next we would be working on my core. this didn't sound good. i was starting to get nervous. as he laid on the floor and walked me through all the "core" stuff i was going to be doing, the whole time he was explaining, all i could think about is if he was going to ask me to do this now, in front of him! what if i could only do 5 out of the 30 evil crunches he wanted me to do? what if i could only do 10 of the 30 impossible opposite leg/arm lifts, let alone 3 sets of each. not counting the 3 other "core" exercises i will be doing. what if got down on the ground and couldn't get back up? well, luckily i was able to get up off the ground and he didn't laugh at me once. he was very suppoertive. cory was very professional. he suggested i do 6 workouts per week and take one day off. sounds nice huh? easy for him to say. so, i guess, thats what i am going to try to do. no, thats what i am going to do. positive thinking, right?? so, if you ever see me at the gym, try not to laugh too hard or too loud. you know, so you won't disturb the other worker-outers. believe me, i will be crying, no i mean laughing with you, on the inside.

this is going to be hard. very hard but i am going to do it. i need to do it. for my kids i need to do it. so if anytime this week if you happen to think of me, please say a little prayer. god, give me the strength and the will power to do this. i can't do it with out you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

call me a blogger

ok, here goes. i am now a blogger. though i would give it a try for myself. i thought it might be fun to try. so be patient, i'm still learning!

preschool has ended

it seemed like yesterday that i dropped maggie off to her first day of preschool. yesterday was her last day and it ended with a bang! her preschool class had a picnic at the sprinkler park and played hard in the water. then last night was the end of the year program. they sang 4 songs. she sang but didn't do the hand motions, though she has been doing them all this past month . she said " mom, i was nervous because you were right up front". i told her she did great, hand motions or no hand motions. I am so proud of her.

maggie's first day of preschool. my she has grown this year!