Monday, February 23, 2009

if i only had a brain

it seems that lately i don't have a brain. i have a hard time keeping a train of thought. remembering things, what else.... see what i mean. this week i have NO pictures to post. well, i will say for right now i do not have any pictures to post. it seems that i forgot to put my little card back in my camera after last weeks photos so the pictures that i took this week are not stored on it but are stored inside my camera. and of course i can't find that wire/cable thingie to hook my camera up to my computer. so if i find it i will post my pictures.

man.... i had some good ones this week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

project 365 ~ week 7

ok. i am going to be truthful here. i did not do very well with my picture taking this past week. i really don't even have a good excuse...... i will do better next week. promise!! so with all that said, here are my 3 pictures that i did take.....

sunday, feb 8th

this is what i made for maggie's teachers, ms. kendall and ms. mary. cute huh? they are hand sanitizers that i took the label off of and that put valentine stickers one. i also tied pretty ribbon around the neck of the bottle to give it an extra touch. the smaller bottles were for nanny and bammaw. i wish i could take the credit for this idea but i can't i found it on another blog, she was giving a tutorial on how to make these and i fell in LOVE with them. love them!

monday, feb. 9th

this is mag's and her daddy right before they left for the 'desserts with dad' that the do every year at her preschool. they do a craft and then eat ice cream. she loved having a 'date' with dad.

tuesday, feb 10th
maggie and i went to see the dentist, dr. burnett. this is so special to me because this is where i used to work up until the day my water broke with maggie! this was her first teeth cleaning experience and she did great. this is my dear friend nodgie who is cleaning her teeth. thanks nodgie for being so great with her. after she had her teeth cleaned, she had some 'toothbugs' in one of her teeth that dr. burnett took care of and she did wonderful with that also!! thanks dr. b!! your the best!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

project 365 ~ week 6

sunday feb, 1st

last saturday my family had a birthday party for me and my mom gave me this gardenia plant! i love gardenias! i just noticed it has a bloom. yea! i will share when it decides to open and share it's beauty!

monday, feb 2nd

maggie loves fancy nancy! for those of you with little girls, these books are so cute. you must check them out! this is her dressing up as fancy nancy and holding one of her books!! i think she did a pretty good job. don't you?

tuesday, feb 3rd

on tuesdays we try and always meet up with some friends at one of the local parks when the weather is nice. it has been cold lately so we have been meeting at mc d's but this past tues it was real nice, a little windy but for the most part warm. so the kids had a blast running around and letting go of some winter energy. here is billy swinging. he love to swing.

wednesday, feb 4th

look what i won!! can you believe it? woo hoo for me! there are some blogs that i read on a daily basis that do giveaways and i must say i am addicted!! if you check out under fun sites to the left, they have some fun and great giveaways. this is actually the third thing that i have one. be careful though, it really is addictive, especially when they have one of there 'giveaway carnivals'.

on to amazing grace. i put some lotion on and asked joe what he though and this is what he said to me. not sure how to take it.

me: babe, smell the new lotion i just got.
joe: smells good.
me: you like it? ( i always want to smell good for my man )
joe: yea. it reminds me of fishing at the coast.
me: (thinking to myself ) are you kidding me? fishing??
joe: yes, you know like fishing, with shrimp in the salty air...
me: it smells like raw shrimp??
joe: yes, like shrimp and fishing, at the coast. repeating it like i didn't understand the first time. now not knowing what to say and trying to explain what he means says, no, not like raw fish or anything just fishing at he coast.
me: ok well i won't wear it anymore because i don't want to smell like i've been fishing.
joe: no, thats not what i am saying

me: it sounds like you are saying i smell like fish or shrimp or whatever... now i'm laughing at this point

after about 10 more mins of him trying to figure out how to explain what he was meaning and me trying to figure out what he was trying to say this is what i came up with. it reminds him of the warm, salty evening air at the beach, minus all the raw fish smells.... needless to say i don't know if i will be able to wear this without thinking of raw shrimp... not even sure it will ever be worn again..... gotta love him!

thursday, feb 5th

here is the bloom! beautiful. i wonder what God was thinking of when me made gardenias.

friday, feb 6th

i was in my room and i heard a crash and when i walked into the living room this is what i found. billy has now learned to open the fridge and he found the eggs.

saturday, feb 7th

this is my grandmother. we call her nanno. we had family in town this weekend and we meet in austin to eat dinner. her birthday was on wed so my cousin gretchen secretly told our waiter that we were celebrating her 100th birthday, she really is only 89. this was her reaction to him announcing to the restaurant that she was 100! great picture nanno!! i haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

one proud mamma

we had a rough night last night. maggie woke up around 3.00 am saying that she was scared and that her ear was hurting her. i loved on her and sent her back to her room still half asleep. she got up a couple more times still complaining about her ear but finally went back to sleep around the time joe was leaving for work. when we got up around 8.00 her ear was still hurting so i made an apt with her dr.

fast forward and hour or so....

i was doing the laundry and maggie came into the laundry room and told me that last night when i put her back in bed after she had woken up, she told me that she prayed to God to help her not to be afraid and to make her ear stop hurting. then she said, i wonder why he didn't make my ear better? in this moment i was so proud of her! she had leaned on God with out me telling her to. she did it on her own! then i had to tell her that sometimes God doesn't make things better all the time so that He can help the doctors help us so they themselves can learn more about how to help people who are sick. that seemed to be a good enough answer..... for the moment.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

project 365 ~ week 5

sunday, feb. 1st

i am posting sunday first this week because i uploaded them in the wrong order and it is way too late to redo it all over again. also, sunday has 2 pictures.

this is what maggie and i saw as we drove up to our driveway on the way home from church. yes, that is right! that is a car in my front yard! our neighbor was backing out of her driveway and her brakes went out! can you believe it? wait till you see the next picture... those are our neighbors in the picture talking with maggie.

i know! crazy huh? it was a blessing that no one was hurt and that none of us were in the yard at the time! the impact did push the tail end of the truck about 4 inches!

monday, jan. 25th

on monday at maggie's school they had their annual winter carnival. they were allowed to wear hats, scarfs and mittens or gloves and the whole day was a day of winter fun! they made paper snow globes, ate snowcones, had snowball fights with socks, listened to winter stories, and played with real 'fake' snow!she had a blast and i must say she look super cute in her winter get~up!

tuesday, jan. 27th

billy wanted to go play outside but he really isn't fond of the cold weather. so here he is dressed in his coat, beanie and of course his BIG smile!

wendsday, jan. 28th
on tues night we had a front blow through that took our temps to below freezing so when we got up on wed morning we had some icicles! we don't get those here very often so maggie was so excited. her school actually started 2 1/2 hrs later due to the ice!

thursday, jan. 29th
billy has started to help himself in the pantry whenever he feels like it. which is all the time! i am telling you he can eat all day!! so i had to tie a ribbon around the knobs so he couldn't open them and let me tell you he was mad! this is how he normally opens the doors. he pulls himself up and shakes real hard and they come right open. not with the ribbon though and he does not like this. so, until he listens to the word NO the ribbon is staying up!
friday, jan. 30th
joe closed in 1/2 of the garage when billy was born and we have made it into the office/craft room. this is where the computer is. for the past couple of days i have heard this weird noise. well, i figured out what it was. we have a little friend. and if you look closely, he has stolen one of my peppermints that i have on the desk next to the computer. as of yesterday he has ran off with the rest of it!

saturday, jan. 31st
our church had disciple now this weekend and during this time the youth ages 9th ~ 12th grades do mission work in the community on saturday. the 9th grade boys came out to my grandmothers and replaced all of the screens in her screened in porch. they also painted the 2 front porches and weeded and mulched her flowerbeds. we were so blessed by them! i know the Lord moved this weekend in our community!