Monday, December 8, 2008


well, our christmas tree is up! i put it up on tuesday and told maggie that we were not doing to decorate it at that time because i want billy to get used to it first, and you know billy, he can keep his hands off anything!!! so i told her we would decorate it wednesday. she was so excited! so wednesday shows up and i feel horrible, my throat is killing me, my head is pounding and did i say my throat was killing me?? i really didn't feel like decorating it plus it would give billy a few more times to grasp the concept of no! anyway thursday night we decorated it and the kids had a blast!
oh, and joe was in charge of taking the pictures while i was helping the kids and these are the only two pictures he took! guys......

and just in case you were wondering billy has done real well with the tree. the only time he messes with it is when little miss maggie is messing with it.