Sunday, September 28, 2008

bikes, trikes and road kill

tonight we thought we would take mag's and billy out side to ride their bikes. this is the first time we have let billy ride his trike out in the front with maggie. well, his trike is actually maggie's old tricycle from when she was his age. he loves it, even though it is pick and purple. i guess we know what he will be getting from santa this year. anyway, mag's was doing her usual, she keeps to the rules of her riding. she is allowed to ride on the sidewalk only and she can go back and forth between the two neighbors on either side of us. she loves to go as fast as she can and then turn real fast around in their driveways. she was making her way in front of our house when all of a sudden one of her training wheels flew off and of course she flew off the bike along with it. no tears though. so her daddy and i talked her into taking the training wheels off her bike to she if she could try to ride without them.
we spent a good hour with her and she wasn't seeming to catch on.billy would just follow right along with her.

oh, he also loved wearing her princess helmet.

so on maggie's last of many falls she was sitting there on the ground with her bike wrapped around her legs, almost defeated, i saw joe's eyes get so big and he nodded his head toward maggie. as i looked down i saw what he was looking at. maggie was still sitting on the ground with her arms propping her up and under her right hand was a dead, smashed flat as a pancake, frog!! yes, you don't need to reread that, i said FROG!!! we both started laughing and mag's was just looking at us. not even moving. then joe told her to look under her hand. she did and then throw the bike off of her and started to scream, disgusting!! gross!! i have not seen that girl move that fast ever!! next thing we know, here comes billy on his trike to see what was going on. he walked up to the frog and bent over to get a closer look and i mean without hesitation, he picked up that frog and put it under his seat of his bike on rode off!! i don't think i have laughed so hard in a long time!

here's the proof!!
gotta love those boys!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

crazy life

life really has felt crazy this past week or so. i am not sure if anything is different or not, just seems a little crazier than normal.
maggie's school year is off to a great start. she really like her teacher and new friends in her class. i love the conversations that we have on our way home from school. she tells me about her day, trying not to forget anything. she really likes school.
this week has been better for billy. not as clingy as last week. i really think he was missing maggie terribly last week! today he went out in the back by himself and played which last week he wouldn't do because his sister wasn't there. so sweet!
we also had family and friends in from ike. my cousin, gretchen and her four kids stayed at my grandmothers for 1 week. they finally got their electricity back on saturday morning. maggie and billy loved having them here, new playmates!! we will miss them but i am glad that they were able to get back home. they didn't have any substantial damage to there home, praise God, but the kids school did, so they said that it would be a month or so till the kids would start back up.
here are a couple of new pictures i have taken of the kids in the past week or so. i hope y'all

maggie and billy paying ( I'm not sure what ) in the back yard.

note - billy has on an inflatable swim vest.....

my mag's

billy eating his first corn on the cob! no, not his first taste of corn, just actually on the cob!
he loved it! i would try and turn the cob around so he could eat more and he would get mad a me thinking i was going to take it away from him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new friends

mag's first day of preschool kicked off on monday. she woke up in a good mood but very nervous. she said she was too nervous to eat breakfast and have her morning ritual, strawberry milk.

when we got to school, she gave me a big hug and kiss and with no crying she walked right in. i was so proud of her. she was so brave!
when i picked her up she said she had a good day and that she liked her teachers, ms. kendall and ms. mary. it's like pulling teeth sometimes to get out of her what she did at school and today was no exception. so i decided to ask her what her most favorite part of the day was and she told me it was making new friends!
my sweet little girl is growing up.

this is what maggie made at school. hand prints, of her and anika, one of her new friends.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

ladybug pillow

maggie has a new special pillow her nanny made her to take to her school for rest time. maggie picked out the fabric all by herself. if you can't tell from the picture, it is little ladybugs and hearts. she is so proud, if you can't tell! thanks mom for making this for her. she loves it!
maggie starts school tomorrow so i be posting pictures soon!

keeping a straight face

i had to share this.

maggie and billy were in his room earlier today and they seemed to be playing well together. then i hear this SLAP! you know, one of those sounds you know exactly what it is when you hear it; a hand hitting a bare back. billy's bare back. ( try to say that 10 times real fast ). strangely enough i didn't hear any crying. not a moment later billy comes walking down the hall and i noticed, of course, a red hand print on his back. maggie is not 5 steps behind him, not knowing that i am on to her. i asked her if she slapped billy. she gave me that look that she gets when she is deciding if she should tell the truth or tell a fib. like she was thinking it over. she walked up to me and said " i didn't see anything". ok, i'm thinking to myself, what? maybe she didn't understand the question so i repeated myself. "maggie, did you slap your brother on the back. look, right here. there is a hand print on his back." she then proceeded to tell me, " i didn't see me so anything!" what? i said again to her. as serious as she could be she says, "mom, i didn't see my hand hit him on his back! really, i didn't!"

are you kidding me? where does she get these things. i then had the lie/fib vs telling the truth conversation and she fessed up to the crime and told me she was very sorry.

could you have kept a straight face? it's hard, really hard sometimes!

ok, could you have