Monday, March 23, 2009

project 365 ~ week 12

sunday, march 15th

i know this is weird but i LOVE this plastic wrap. the reason why is that i HATE the wrap that doesn't stick to anything or even itself!! very frustrating. this plastic wrap has it's own cutter. so all you have to do is pull it about and then slide the cutter over and there you have it! love it!! i have been using it alot lately. since i am doing weight watchers i have been making these great little 'not so' ice cream sandwiches that are to die for. you get the low fat graham crackers, honey or chocolate. break the sheet in half. mix a couple of drops of peppermint/mint extract in a reg. size tub of fat free cool whip. then you put 2 tbs of cool whip mixture on 1 half of the cracker. then put the other half of the cracker on the top. ok, this is where the plastic wrap comes into play. wrap it sip safe, because it is the best, plastic wrap and freeze. one tub makes about 15-16 sandwiches. and to top it all off, they are just 1 point a piece! yes, you read that right. just 1 point!!

monday, march 16th

maggie took this picture of her paw paw. they come over and had dinner with us. we grilled hot dogs and they were wonderful! there is nothing like a grilled dog!

wendsday, march 18th

when i went in to get maggie dressed for bed this is what i found on her wall. when i asked her what it was and how it got there this is what she told me.

me ~ maggie, what is this on your wall?

maggie ~ i drew on it.

me ~ yes, i can see that but why? you know you are not allowed to draw on anything but paper,

maggie ~ yes but i was playing doctor and i wanted to see how tall i was. see... ( she then walked
over and pit her back up to the wall and her hand on top of her head to mark how tall
she was ) though she made herself about 2 inches taller than she really is.

thanks to whoever invented washable markers and mr clean magic erasers!!

thursday, march 19th

billy found my box of 'stuff' that i have always kept on the back of the toilet since the day he was born. he decided to help himself this morning. i had a good laugh...

friday, march 20th

my family loves asparagus! as you can see from this picture. i have to cook 2 bunches at one time to feed all of us! i put them in to a pan and drizzle a little olive oil on them. then i sprinkle sea salt on them and put them into a 400 degree oven for about 15 mins. they are scrumptious! and very weight watcher friendly!

saturday, march 21 st
my sister came and stayed with us this past weekend and we love to play scrabble. we played every night and had a blast.


Plant Lady said...

I LOVE asparagus! They are one of my favorite veggies. Mr. Plant Lady won't go near them - won't even taste them - he likes to tell everyone they taste like dirt!

You cook them similar to they way I do. I don't cooked them in the oven, I just drizzle with olive oil and salt then stir-fry on the stove. Deelicious!

Plant Lady

fransmomma said...

your pictures are awesome this week!! i will definitely be trying the "not so ice cream" sandwiches next time i get to the store to get the stuff (i forgot to get mint extract this week, dang it!). i cant believe maggie drew on the wall!! that would have gotten a whole blog entry at my house!
well done!

fransmomma said...

i made the "ice cream" sandwiches today. yummy!!!