Monday, May 11, 2009

"not me!" monday

no, not me! i did NOT pretend i was going to leave billy in the front yard when he refused to get into the truck to take maggie to school. i did NOT strap maggie in and continued to tell him to get in or i was leaving him and i did NOT, when he ignored me, plop myself in the front seat and close the door and start the truck! and i really did NOT laugh when he started running and screaming toward the truck like i was going to leave him forever. nope, not me!

today when i picked maggie up from school i needed to go run an errand for their dad so i decided since it was so hot, to treat the kids to a nice refreshing drink (sonic happy hour, 1/2 price drinks after 2:00, which was NOT by the way, dr. pepper and NOT some fries. i would never let my children drink a coke or have anything fried! it is so hot here and humid! at least 90 degrees. they were so excited! right after i picked up the bolts for their dad, maggie informed me that she need to go to the bathroom. i must start off by saying my kids are "bare feet" kids. the first thing they do when they get home is take off their shoes. needless to say as soon as mag's was in the car, off came her shoes and socks. billy followed suit. we are about 20 min from home and maggie said she needed to go the the restroom. i asked if she could hold it. she said nope. it is so hard to take billy in to a public bathroom and remember neither of them had their shoes on. so i did NOT ask maggie if it would be alright if i pulled over into a neighborhood and she could put on one of billy's diapers and "relieve" herself because that would be silly right? then i most certainly did NOT spend the next 5 minutes trying to talk her into it!

by the way, her answer was NO!

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Jenna said...

Christi, this was hilarious! I laughed the whole way through it. I have left Braeden in the house before b/c he wouldn't come when I told him to, so I drove around the block twice until I saw him standing in the driveway. This past weekend, it happened again, but he never came outside. So, I parked the car & went in only to find him still sitting in the recliner watching TV. He never even knew we were gone & had never heard me tell him to get in the car...which made me even more mad.

And Kamryn's the same way w/ her shoes. Braeden takes his off when we get home, but not as bad about it in the car like she is. This was so funny to read. Thanks for the laugh.

Cori B said...

Hey Christi!

This made me laugh! You're kids are so cute! I love having Billy in my class now :) Love ya!
See ya Sunday,